Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre from the Sea

In this space, we talk about many places we cannot lose vacation in Liguria, but there are many ways of seeing the great places in the Cinque Terre. We can walk around and see views across the land, but certainly, an unforgettable activity is to enjoy this wonderful world from the sea.

Many villages offers us the opportunity to start a nice trip by boat, some of them are places that we have already spoken about as Lerici or Portovenere. Navigation through this area allows us to enjoy a unique natural heritage of beauty that encompasses 18 km of rocky coastline dotted with bays, coves and cliffs surrounded by a mountain range that runs parallel to the sea. Sailing through blue water through towns like Portofino, provide even more excitement to a pleasant day in the Ligurian Riviera di Levante.

Among the many things we can see from sea, some deserves special mention: as the Nativity Scene on the hill of Manarola by Mario Andreoli during the Christmas season or observation from the sea of ​​the “Via dell ‘amore “.

After an intense day of sailing, a good rest will be our best reward. The wonderful village of Tellaro is the ideal place to have a good rest, a quaint village and characteristic of this area of ​​the Mediterranean. Crêuza de mä is a unique house, dedicated to the sea and the coast of Ligure: the ideal place to relax after a busy day in the sea.